Get everything you ever wanted

in life, simply by being kind to yourself.


Do you sometimes feel like you’re going around in complete circles. Always moving, but never getting anywhere?


If so, I want to invite you for something different.


This is about a new way of living.

If you are ready for Transformation that will stay with you, not just for one month, or even one year, but for an entire lifetime, I invite you to join me.

But first, does this work?

If you're happy how things are going for you right now, then there's no need waste your time here. Really. I am truly happy for you!


But maybe you're one of the many who are having difficulties right now. Working harder and harder, but not moving forward. This was my life for years (and years and years).


And maybe you've tried different courses and read all the books. And they even worked, for a little while. And then you wound up back where you started. Yes, I did that, too.


And then I decided I had to figure out what was wrong. And I did. 


My brain was playing tricks on me.


I was working hard, creating goals, and taking massive action. So my brain told me I was doing great. But every time I got really close to what I thought was success, I found myself back where I started. This went on for years. 


I have have been studying the mind for the past 15 years. I have been the studying where happiness and success come from. How people get them. And, most importantly, I’ve been studying myself.

I have distilled all that I teach about Life Mastery into this Masterclass. This is truly a manual, a manual for how to live a fulfilled, successful life.

If you want to learn what I’ve spent 15 years figuring out and studying, please join me.

Here’s a truth: Most people who create change wind up back where they started. 

And the reason is simple - it’s how your brain works. The subconscious mind is used to going down the same path. And if you steer it off course, it will work hard to bring you back.

Now it’s time to learn to use the brain in a different way. In a way that wires you for success and for happiness. 

This is a complete re-programming of your subconscious mind.

If you are ready for Transformation that will stay with you, not just for one month, or even one year, but for an entire lifetime, I invite you to join me.

Exactly What Are You Getting

First of all, the Self Love Revolution isn't like any class you've ever taken.


There is no fluff or filler. Just life-tested tools that are working right now.


You see, there are three things that I find people are looking for the most:  more money, a better relationship, or a better physical body.

Chances are, you are struggling with one or more of these right now.


The fascinating thing that I've found out is that the answer to each of these  problems comes from the same source:


You're mind doesn't actually want you to be happy. That's right: you're mind does not want you to be happy.


BUT, you can change your mind. And there are specific tools to do that. I call it a reprogramming of your mind for success.


I do want to be clear, you will have to work. You will have to practice. And you will have to take action.


This is not a "think happy thoughts and you will be rich in 3 days" program.


And what happens if you do the work?


Miracles truly fall in your path.


This is more than just just an online course. This is an introduction to a new way of living, each and every day of your life.


Think of this as instruction manual for life. And what happens when people follow the instructions?


They find their way to better health.


They find their way to more fulfilling relationships.


And they find their way to more financial wealth, or more accurately, financial wealth finds them.


So how does all this work?

Here's a fraction of what you're getting in this Masterclass...


  • Meet the 13 Saboteurs who are sabotaging your life each step of the way. You’ll find out why they are there, how they got there, how they were programmed, and what do now that you know they are there.

  • Discover how to automatically access, at any time, your innermost power. Once you learn this technique, confusion, procrastination, and resentment begin to dissolve away. This guide has the ability to block the negative energy and all the saboteurs, but you must learn how to connect to it. Once you master this one technique, you will find the entire world around you changes.

  • Learn how to use fear as the greatest tool to achieve your most massive goals. (fear is simply a sensation - nothing more than that. In fact, all emotions are sensations. And every thing we do, every action we take, is to experience a particular sensation or to run away from a sensation.)

  • Learn how to befriend any emotion and learn the lesson it is trying to teach. WHen you do this, all the repetitive stories in your head begin to dissolve away.

  • You will learn the tools to master self acceptance, self love and self forgiveness. Without these three aspects, nothing can change permanently. These are not easy steps, but these meditations I share are the most powerful that I know, and will bring you towards a life filled joy and happiness, or as Joseph Campbell says, BLISS.

  • Above all, you will learn how to master YOUR life. If you choose to join me, you will not master anyone else’s life. And no one else will master your life for you.

And much, much, more!

But What Exactly Is the Course Breakdown?

I'm glad you asked!


In this Masterclass you will learn the manual for living a fulfilled and joyous life. No more excuses!

Week 1: Begin Your Journey

  • Learn the 3 steps to create lasting change
  • Begin accepting yourself as you are today
  • Lay the foundation for a life of Self-Love
Week 2: Meet Your Saboteurs
  • Meet the voices in your head that are holding you back (You're not the only one who talks to yourself - it's true!)
  • Discover the 13 Inner Critics that want you to fail
  • Learn proven tools to work with your Inner Critics and free yourself from bondage. Basically, you can stop fighting with yourself.
Week 3: Meet Your Inner Guides
  • Learn how to access your Inner Wisdom to get the answers you need
  • Meet your army of supporters whose mission it is to help you succeed
  • Stop taking mundane action and turn it into Inspired Action

Week 4: Turn Fear Into a Friend

  • Learn how Fear holds you back and how you can use it to propel you forward
  • Learn how to neutralize any negative emotion that comes to you
  • Learn the #1 tool for transforming any relationship that you have
Week 5: Optimize your Emotional Energy
  • Discover the tools you need to optimize your emotional energy
  • Lay the foundation for creating positive change in your life
  • Learn the #1 tool for changing your life, and the lives of everyone you touch
Week 6: Forgiveness & Freeing Yourself 
  • Discover the truth behind forgiveness 
  • Learn to heal yourself from years and decades of pain
  • Give up past stories so you are free to create your future
Week 7: Self Love Mastery​
  • The magic happens as we put everything together.
  • Learn how to practice daily to experience Love on a grander scale
  • Welcome yourself to a completely new way of living and begin creating everything you desire!




BONUS - Master Your Money Mindset
  • Uncover your own personal money blocks that may be keeping money away from you
  • Learn techniques to transform your fear of money (yes, that's a thing)
  • Be ready to take action so you can have the freedom you desire

BONUS - Take Inspired Action

  • Learn why some actions work and some don't
  • Never again be confused about which path is correct for you
  • Always know the correct action to take, and move forward with confidence

But what you'll love most...


This is a masterclass of the Self. You are responsible. And when you master the self, YOURself, the world around you dramatically changes. All the money you want, the love you want, the career you want, the people you want in your life, it all becomes available to you. Not because they’ve changed, but because you’ve changed. Because you have learned these incredible tools to use each and every day.


When you learn and practice these tools, two things happen.


First, your life changes. Dramatically.


The second thing you'll notice is that everyone around you begins to change.


Because when you change, they change. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. (If you do the work, and find out it's not true, I'll give you your money back!)


This is just how the system works.

Here's What To Do Next


Oh, and in case you're wondering ... There Is No Catch!

I realize this is very inexpensive. Other courses with access to the author can charge thousands of you might wonder what the "catch" is.


There is none. I'm simply on a mission. My mission is to reach people. To help people move from stress-filled lives to bliss-filled lives. I want you to be one of those people. And then, I want you to share it with others. I want you to be a part of this Revolution, this new way of living.


And if you're not satisfied, and you've done the work, I will give you your money back!


There's no way to lose. There's only winning here.


But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

You Better Order NOW!

OK - that's not really true.


Everyone says you're more likely to buy this if I can create a sense of scarcity. That's how we manipulate and get manipulated. The problem with that is that there is no scarcity. So I either have to create something that is false and make you believe it, or I put the ball in your court. The ball is now in your court....


You've just witnessed an example of how Self Love works. You see, I don't need to lie to you to get what I need.


Yes, I want you to order now. I really do.


If you don't order now, nothing in your life will change.


If you do order now, and you listen to the first lesson, your life will begin changing immediately. And by the end of course, you will have a very different life you're living.


But in all honestly, the choice is yours.


If life were perfect, you wouldn't still be on this page. So let's agree, it's not perfect. You want to change.


I know change is hard, and I'm trying to make it as easy as possible.


I guarantee this work will transform your life.


If you want that, and you want it now, then you have to start now.


Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


Yes. Of course there's a money-back guarantee.


In fact, I think it's...

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

I 100% Guarantee that if you do the work, your life will be transformed.


I also Guarantee that if you don't do the work, nothing will happen.


If you do the work, and after 9 weeks you've found that nothing has changed, call me. And I will personally coach you through your blocks, for as long as it takes. And yes, if it still doesn't work, I will absolutely give you your money back.


Are You Ready for the Revolution?


I'm truly looking forward to our journey together. And I will be here with you all along the way.


With love,



© Jonathan Troen 2018. All Rights Reserved.