Self Love Revolution taught me that what I was looking for was not outside of me, it was within me. And it gave me confidence and tools to access who I really am deep inside, and to begin to love me.

TERRI Jenkins

I feel more accepted, like other people accept me, but also more confident to be who I am....I'm feeling more in control of my life more, more grounded and purposeful.



I’m much more confident. It’s helped me change my perception of myself, and the world, basically. I’m more positive, and I’m more excited about life than I’ve ever been.


GARY Gallo

I was never aware of all the negative self talk that I was saying everyday. I’ve started to see there’s joy inside of me that I can let out to the world, rather than looking for the world to bring joy to me.


I’ve seen my life increase as far as positivity goes. I know that my interactions with others have increased for the better…. to love yourself, to be yourself, to better yourself.

LULU Barber

He’ll see what can help and just show it to you in such a way that you always knew it was there, but then it’s like an awareness came to you. he brings that forward.


CINDY Hollis